Project duration: 2015 - 2019

Once upon a time…

Photography is one of those passions you start, maybe for fun, and suddenly you’re completely soaked in. Before you notice, you own three cameras and a bunch of lenses. Probably even a couple of them is analogue. I believe you bought them at a flea market…, just to check how they work with light, right? That’s how passion works. There is no price, only unconditional curiosity driven by belief.

That’s what I felt starting this project. I didn’t even know that one day a simple hobby, after a 9 – 5 job, might become something greater than just a passion. The book full of frozen memories and dreams. Full of people who I’ve admired for who they are and who they wanted to become. The project has its beginning and end. After many years of planning what to do with a four-year chapter of my life – here it is, a book as an image with a few words. Currently, I am looking for a good print shop to make it real.

Photography will always be one of the best time travel inventions. Sometimes, unexpectedly, you might change the course of events and end up creating a different, new chapter in your life.


* * *

The book is not for sale. The chosen photos for this book are the lifetime portfolio of the people photography project taken with TFP rules*. All the copyrights and rights by law belong to me. I did not sell the photographs or give permission to do so; to any of the models. The models at the time of taking these photos agreed to be presented in my portfolio, and in any presented form.

Special thanks.

I would like to thank all the models, makeup artists and random passers-by that participated in this project. It was one of the best medicines for the happiest and darkest times while living in Poznań. It opened my mind and gave me the best portfolio I could have ever imagined. Even though our paths went in different directions – we have many great things to remember.

The Biggest Lessons.

I was robbed of the rights to my photos and lied about non-existing payments. Because of that, I took a step back and I disappeared. I closed the project and this is what I have learnt through this experience:

First of all: Your dreams can change in the process of trying to achieve them. Secondly: No matter how much you are inspired by your favourite photographer… you still will create something different.