I am Paulina from Poland, currently living in Granada, Spain.

I graduated as an Interior Architect in 2015. While studying, I pursued one of my youth dreams of becoming a Product Photographer. Meanwhile, around 2015, I entered the Graphic Design department, and my relationship with design began.

My inspiration for creating any project comes from conversations, psychology and the curiosity to explore new cultures and their languages. I push myself for bold actions and I seek to be challenged.

I always work with Pantone chips and books full of printing packaging effects, to match the style of a brand or the product I am developing. I love working with colours and typography.


Grupo Erik Editores: kokonote.comerikstore.com | Granada, Spain
Layout Artist, Visual Designer  |  2019 - Present

Ipsilon Advertising and Publishing Agency | Poznań, Poland (Recommendation letter)
Layout Artist & Product Photographer  |  2015 - 2019

Modne Zakupy: intymna.pl | Koszalin, Poland
Product Photographer |  (3 months) 2015

Dajar, dajar.pl | Koszalin, Poland
Product Photographer  |  2013 - 2015 (Recommendation letter)


1st place Award
Photography School's Contest
"Winter"  |  2018

Highlight Award
CANON's Photography Contest
"Live for the Story"  |  2019