I can't stand still, I'm from nowhere and everywhere,
and I desperately want to feel alive.

Hello! I am Paulina from Poland. Graduated in Interior Architecture, but professionally a Product Photographer and Layout Designer of agendas, magazines or books. You will never find me without a camera. Out of passion, a Writer and Landscape Photographer. Typewriters collector (sometimes I paint them).

🌍 Currently in Granada

The Unknown

The greatest journey of starting to live on my terms began in 2016. I consider that year an eye-opening experience due to a crucial event that helped me take a trip of self-discovery, and I haven’t stopped since then. After many thoughts and inner conversations, I decided to take a big step and do something different – to feel alive. Although I liked what I did, I felt like I didn’t belong and I wasn’t honest with myself.

I wanted the unknown. I craved the excitement and the fear, to see how far I could go with the skills I have. With that being said, in 2019 I quit my job and moved to Granada with all of my savings, without any plan for what I would do.

Now, I am convinced that only by stepping out of your comfort zone, you can find out how strong you are. You may discover that fear is a good fuel you can’t live without.


    *I am not a robot