I can't stand still, I'm from nowhere and everywhere,
and I desperately want to feel alive.

Hello! I am Paulina from Poland. Graduated in Interior Architecture, but professionally a Product Photographer and Layout Designer of agendas, magazines or books. You will never find me without a camera. Out of passion, a Writer and Landscape Photographer. Typewriters collector (sometimes I paint them).

🌍 Currently in Granada

Granada is a city located in southern Spain. Surrounded by mountains, lakes, nature and villages literally make you feel like you discover the city all over again. Until it becomes too small. Well, It is the next chapter in my life book. The project that I had no idea that will become the greatest lesson of them all.

It is a sweet fruit, the pomegranate of Andalucía. If you’d like to know more about the city I live in, below I’ve prepared a really long essay on it. I am convinced that Granada has IT, therefore it is a city rich in tourism.

Granada, Spain | Paulina Szypula

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
– Benjamin Franklin

The Unknown

The greatest journey of starting to live on my terms began in 2016. I consider that year an eye-opening experience due to a crucial event that helped me take a trip of self-discovery, and I haven’t stopped since then. After many thoughts and inner conversations, I decided to take a big step in getting out of my comfort zone. Although I liked what I did, I felt like I didn’t belong and I wasn’t honest with myself.

I wanted the unknown and adventure. I craved the excitement and the fear, to see how far I could go with the skills I have. With that being said, in 2019 I quit my job and moved to Granada with all of my savings. Without any plan for what I would do.

Now, I am convinced that only by stepping out of your comfort zone, you can find out how strong you are. Sometimes you may find out that fear is a good fuel that you can’t live without.

This website is an honest space for all the fear experiments, escapes, routines, jobs, photographs, and stories I write for me and you.