The Little Prince - Journal / Agenda

The Little Prince

Who doesn't know The Little Prince? A character in a book written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery in 1943. A nostalgic and sad story with the greatest messages of all times. As there are lots of hidden morals, the most known one is that all adults were kids once and on the way to growing up they forgot how beautiful is to learn, be curious, to explore and to appreciate everything what we already have.

Designing planners is one of my favourite projects to deal with. I like the idea that a planner is not only to organise your tasks, but it's there also to be a journal or even a diary. That's why I have created a layout for a couple of our planners where you choose how you would like to use it. A planner? A diary? As anything you'd like. There is a bucket list for the upcoming year, an adventure map to colour, a section for personal development and most fun of all: every day a question to answer! Just to make your days a little more interesting. 

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Psychology has proven to us that mental health is significant and since we, designers, like to create beautiful things... we also want to make something that will help you improve your personal thoughts, development or even health. We want planners to become your diaries. 

This planner is for everyone who already know the prince and for the ones who would like to know him. To discover his, and at the same time your own, journey. Entrances of the months have a moral from The Little Prince's chapters.
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