Spiżarnia Smaków | Magazine

Spiżarnia Smaków

Piotr and Paweł Supermarket's Magazine for all customers. Published quarterly.
Period of my design: 2016.
As a Photographer: 2015 - 2016.

#Photography, #Layout
No. of pages: around 90 (depends on the issue).

The theme of the quarterly is travels and gourmets of traditional and innovative kitchen experiments. Full of recipes and a family atmosphere. The magazine provides the most necessary information from all over the world, as well as from my home country, which is Poland.

As a Photographer, after reading the article, my task was to deal with studio photos and weave them into the pages in an aesthetic way. I had lots of fun creating photoshoots for any kind of article. One of them I presented above and a few of them below (signed photos).

After taking over the magazine as a graphic designer, my job was to maintain the layout and improve it, interlacing it with original photos taken by me in a photo studio. 

This is one of those magazines where I could learn a lot and explode in a creative way.

Photography + Layout

Photography + Layout

Photography Advertisement + Layout



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