Żabka's minimarket's Magazine only for employees Published monthly.
Period of my design: 2017 - 2019.
As a Photographer: 2017 - 2019.

#Layout, #Key-visuals, Occasionally #Photography

No. of pages: around 80-90 (depends on the issue).

The goal of the magazine was to provide the most important information to their employees. The magazine was not accessible to the client's eyes.

My task was to maintain the already existed layout and apply a fresher look. This magazine was the most demanding project I have ever worked on, because of last-minute changes and lack of design trust from its editors. I am happy with what I could win on the presented below layouts, even though I know that I would present them in a much better way.

Graphic Designer: Paulina Szypuła (Visible text)


Graphic Designer
Product Photograper